His experience throughout those years has been wide, having managed more than 150 energy projects in Europe, America, Middle East and Oceania

Maurici Cruzate is Industrial Engineer, specialized in Energy efficiency (University UPC, 1996) with a Degree in Business Management. He has developed his career based on a solid engineering technical background. His expertise is efficiency auditing and optimization of energy business. He has over 19 years of professional experience with a high specialization in cogeneration (CHP) and waste-to-energy projects. Throughout his career he has also developed projects related to other energy technologies: biogas, hydro power, district heating and cooling and cost reduction audits in industry and buildings…

His professional experience covers all stages of cogeneration and power plant: feasibility study, definition of the best solution for a particular site, conceptual and basic engineering, connection to electricity and gas utilities, turnkey contracts, procurement, project management, erection, commissioning and life-cycle analysis&optimization.

He is specialized in thermodynamical processes. He has developed a highly specialized technical software tool for thermal process simulation with the purpose to design energy installations and also to be used in the improvement and optimization of existing facilities.

Among his long term clients are important companies such as:

Nowadays he is managing a worthy team of engineers joint by their passion in analyzing accurately every energy matter and finding the best solution for our customers.



Cristina Pérez

avatar_cristinaCristina Pérez is Civil engineer, specialized in Civil Works (University UPC, 1997)

Her professional activity has been developed in the area of Project Management and Civil Work Supervision, covering the different project stages from budget controlling and project planning supervision; to ensure safety, environment and quality expectations. In recent years, her career has focused on projects related to cogeneration and renewable energy at international level, including logistics management and foreign trade transactions of power plants and equipments.


Lorena Calvo

avatar_lorenaLorena Calvo is Chemical Engineer (Universidad Politécnica de Zaragoza, 2007) with Master in Energy Engineering, specialized in Renewable Energy.

Her professional career is focused in energy efficiency and energy markets. In this context, she is an expert in management and optimization of power and gas contracts for industrial customers and public sector. In addition, she has undertaken several projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy, such as energy audit to reduce energy costs in industrial processes and auditing and optimization of large-scale cogeneration power plants. Also she has developed evaluation and due diligente of business acquisitions related to district heating&cooling, cogeneration and waste to energy business.

Josep Colomar

Josep Colomar is Marine Engineer and Technical Naval Engineer (UPC University).

Since 2001, his professional carrier has been linked to energy sector, power generation and especially to cogeneration. Working as project engineer during engineering and commissioning, and many years as Site & Maintenance Power Plant Manager operating cogeneration plants.

His profile is completed with an extensive knowledge about Spanish electric market, energy markets, experience about electrical interruption service to electrical net operator and responsability about the energy management system (ISO 50001) at associated industry site.

Sara Hernández

Sara Hernández is Chemical Engineer with final project in the specialty of energy recovery of waste (University of La Laguna, 2007). She holds a postgraduate degree in Energy Efficiency Management (IL3 University of Barcelona, 2008) and begins to develop his training as an engineer of efficiency and renewable energies. Decide to start working as a freelance engineer dedicated to energy efficiency for several clients in the hotel industry, industrial, engineering and consulting.

She is currently working in Efitekna (since 2016), carrying out consultancy and energy engineering, specifically energy audits in the industrial sector and in cogeneration plants, district heating and cooling and energy use of waste.



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